Apple Card. The Smart credit card.

Back on 25 March 2019, during a services event, Apple announced their plans to introduce their own take on a credit card. The called it the Apple Card and they planned to launch it towards the end of the summer.

Well the end of the summer is now here and as planned Apple is started to send out the first Apple Cards to those deemed special enough to receive one early.

One of the “special ones” to receive their card was Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD.

This is MKBHD’s first impressions of the card and his thoughts. Scroll down below to see mine and find out more about the Apple Card.

Credit (excuse the pun) to Marques @ MKBHD

What is the Apple Card?

Well at a basic level the Apple Card is just another credit card. You spend money on it, and if you don’t pay it off with the window you pay credit on the balance. At least that end of things is similar to pretty much every other credit card on the market.

So what makes the Apple Card different?

The first thing that makes it different is the material it is made off.

99.9% of you reading this would own a credit card, will be familiar to the same format of a thin plastic card, with some numbers and dates on it. That is were the Apple Card differs.

The Apple Card is made from a thin piece of titanium. The card has no card number, CVV security code, expiration date, or signature printed on the card.

So a very simplistic design. The main reason for that is that the key information is actually stored in the chip, or in the Apple Pay registration on your iPhone.

How do you activate Apple Card?

When you receive your Apple Card it comes in a little cardboard wallet. At the bottom of the cardboard, just below where the card sit, is an instruction to wake your iPhone and hold it close to your card. Then just like the AirPods pairing process, a dialogue and pairing box appears at the bottom of the iPhone and the pair takes place. As with everything Apple, it seems to be simple, flawless and quick.

Here is Apple’s own instruction video on how to activate the card, so you can see it in action.

Are you going to rush out and apply for the new Apple Card? Do you think it will take off?

Leave your comments in the section below.

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