Connected coffee!

Coffee and technology. Not two words which you would think automatically fit together. Well not any more closely than a bean to cup machine, or a fancy Nespresso outfit. However, as we will see, they are growing closer each day.

I was recently surfing for information related to coffee machines that have bluetooth or wifi connectivity. This is a topic that I find interesting as we move towards more smart technology in our homes.

The though of being able to kick of the brewing process, with a swipe of an app, or a preset schedule based on my journey home is very exciting.

My searching on Google threw up a very interesting article by Alejandro Veciana over at The Coffee Universe site. In the article titled “Coffee and Connectivity”, Alejandro discusses how our increased relationship with technology and the “Internet of Things”, also impacts the world of coffee.

At every stage of the coffee production process from growing to brewing, technology controls and gathers data on the processes at play. Through this growers, roasters and baristas are able to fine tune their actions and businesses to bring more choice, quality and innovation to customers.

The key counterbalance point that Alejandro makes, is in relation to the art of coffee making. I agree wish this, especially for the artisan coffee shop or home barista. For those people, it is not about throughput, efficiency and stats, but rather the ability to experiment on their coffee journeys.

This flexibility give them the ability to adjust their purchasing and brewing to their own or their loyal customers tastes. It is a practice that I for one, hope continues for many years to come.

What do you think about the blend of coffee and technology. Has it gone too far?

Leave you thoughts in the comments section below.

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