Get published on Medium. I just did!

What is Medium you ask? And furthermore, how and why, would i want to get published on Medium?

So what is Medium?

Medium is a website. But not just any type of website. Medium is a online publishing platform. It was launched in 2012 by serial internet entrepeneur, Evan Williams.

However unlike many other online publishing platform, the content is generated by the members of the website. This type of model is called social journalism.

How do I used Medium?

The first element of Medium that you will use, is content consumption. There are thousands of article for you to view for free. The website is heavily categorised, so you are able to quickly navigate to a topic and content that will interest you.

The preview functionality of Medium, gives you a clear indication of the date of publication, the author and the time needed to read.

The reading time is one of the elements that I really like about the site, as you are able to judge what type of article length, before you click into it.

The second element of Medium is the ability to write of the website, as a proxy kind of blog.

The big difference between Medium and a self hosted website, is that Medium has already got a built in audience.

This means that if you write a good, popular article, then you can build an audience very quickly. This is particularly valuable who are trying to build a presence on another platform, but are struggling to build an audience.

On top of the ability to write, you are also able to join the Medium Partner Program and earn money for your writing. Now I can’t promise that you will make your fortune on Medium, but the opportunity to earn something does exist.

This is my journey on Medium….so far!

I set up my Medium account about the same time that I started this website. An I wrote a couple of short articles, that basically got nearly no views.

I then got discouraged and switched to focus on this website to build my own content here.

However one day recently, I received an email from Medium, advertising the opportunity to write an article about Your worst day at work.

I liked the idea of the title and had a couple of good examples, so I knew it wouldn’t take to long to type out a story. So I jumped straight onto the WYSIWYG interface on Medium and drafted up the article in about 15 mins. Then I hit the publish button and forgot about it.

I really just assumed it would go the way of the other two articles and get no views.

But then today I got another email from Medium, saying that their curators had picked up the story and were going to publish it across the platform. How exciting!

It really was very exciting to get my article picked up and recognised at any level.

I still don’t know if I am going to make any money on the article or even if it will get any views. But it will be interesting to see.

I am also going to try and ride the wave of momentum and write a few more articles over the next few weeks to see if I can take it anywhere.

I will keep you all updated as I go, so watch out for future articles!

If you want to check out my article on Medium, then click this link

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