How do you reduce static in a coffee grinder?

Anyone who has ground coffee at home, especially espresso, will be familiar with the issue of static.

What is static?

Static is simply a shortened version of static electricity.

In coffee terms, it is the annoying phenomenon that causes freshly ground coffee to stick to everything and cause a bit of mess.

Why does it happen when you grind coffee?

When the coffee beans pass through the grinding burrs, they pick up an electric charge from the metal on metal interaction of the burrs.

So when they drop into the coffee bin, they stick to the chute and the walls of the container. In addition as the electrical charge starts to disappear, then the coffee stuck in the grinder starts to fall down, causing more mess.

How can you stop static?

The most commonly used tactic to prevent static is the Ross Droplet Technique, or RDT for short.

Named after coffee geek, David Ross, the name was coined when it was posted online in 2005 as a tip by coffee guru Andy Schecter and credited to Ross.

The process is very simple. Adding a small droplet of water to the coffee beans before they are ground, prevents almost all of the static buildup and ensuring a clean delivery of the grounds into the bin.

The droplet of water can be delivered in a variety of ways, however the most popular method is using a small spray bottle, giving one or two short sprays to wet the beans.

This video from the folks over at Whole Latte Love, gives a great demonstration of the technique and its effectiveness.

Credit to Whole Latte Love

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