Small is the new big. The all new Note 10

Galaxy Note 10+ (left) and Galaxy Note 10 (right) – (Photo credit to Samsung)

Well maybe for a phone that has a 6.3″ screen, calling it small is a bit of stretch. However the new Galaxy Note 10 from Samsung, is definitely not in iPhone 5S territory.

Samsung announced three variants of the Note 10 at their unpacked event today (07 July 2019, but by far the most interesting is the new Note 10 “basic”.

The other two variants, the Note 10+ and it’s 5G sibling, measure 6.8″ across the display. This is the normal step above, in terms of size that we have seen from the Note in the past, compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S line. This extra screen real estate, has given the Note that big of breathing space and differentiantion.

However in the baseline Note 10, we find a bit of conundrum. Sure, at 6.3″ it is right in line with the Note 9 and the Note 8. But those were 2018 and 2017 phones. In 2019, 6.3″ is just standard for any flagship or good mid-range phone.

The question is then, how does Samsung expect (and hope) the Note 10 to be seen? How are they forging the gap between it and the S10/S10+?

The obvious answer is the stylus. It is unique to the Note line. The stylus isn’t a strong selling point in 2019, but for those who love it, they really love it. Buying the Note 10 needs no further argument than that.

But for the rest of us, who can take or leave a stylus, what would make us plop for the Note 10, compared to something cheaper from the S-Line?

Design could be one factor. The Note line has always clung to that more square, business like, notebook feel. Some people just prefer that look as it is more grown-up compared to the playful youth of the S-Line.

The CPU on the Note 10 is the Snapdragon 855+ compared to the plain 855 on the S10. However by the specs and in the day to day reality of things, the difference in speed will be almost negligible. It would be like racing two Ferraris against each other and expecting to see a difference.

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