Start Blogging Series Part 1 – How to pick a blog topic?

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How to pick a blog topic can actually be quite a challenge. Especially if you have a wide range of interests. Indeed, that was the challenge I faced when creating this site.

However there are 3 key factors that you must consider when choosing the topic. Let’s walk through them together.

Pick a topic you are interested in!

This might seem a little obvious, but it is surprising how many people pick a topic based on how popular they think it is, rather than how much they know about it.

I was guilty of this myself in previous attempts to launch blogs. Instead of choosing a topic that was genuinely interested and active in, I tried to pick topics that I thought would gets hits. However, the problem I came across very quickly was that I ran out of material to write about. It is surprisingly difficult to write about something that you have little knowledge, or worse, little interest. Even if it is the hottest topic on the internet, it will be a very shot lived blog.

As I have mentioned previously, it will take a long, long, long time before you see any real traffic appear on your blog. Therefore you are going to need to write a lot of material in that six to twelve month period. However, this will be next to impossible in a subject that you are not already deeply interested.

In addition, it is unlikely that any audience you do gain will stick around for very long once they realise that you aren’t really interested or knowledgable in the subject about which you are blogging.

Pick a topic other people are interested in!

Discussing the average weight of the Peruvian fruit bat may be of great interest to you, but it is unlikely to set the blogging world alight!

Just as it is important to pick a topic that you enjoy and are active in, it is equally, if not more so important to pick topic that other people are interested in.

There may be 7 billion people in the world, but you still have to pick something that will attract reasonable interest if you want to create a blog that will be successful and will grow.

When thinking about how to pick a blog topic, you need to consider which of your own interests also has a wider appeal and a large potential audience.

Dirt bike racing, RV ownership, DIY, sailing, running, etc, all have many great blogs and websites covering them. So there is plenty of opportunity to pick your favourite topic and start to build and audience.

If you really struggle to decide on which topic to blog on then, why not just pick one and try it out.

As Yaros Starak mentions in his blog, “I suggest you narrow down your topic list and then start writing. If you have no trouble producing one new post a day, then do it for three months and see whether people like your work.”

Put your own unique twist on the topic

Once you have settled on the topic of your blog, you then need to think about how you are going to separate yourself from all the other blogs.

If you create another generic technology or golf blog, it is going to be very hard to establish yourself against all the existing blogs on the same topics. What you to do is put your own twist on the topic.

You can look at golf from an unusual angle, or write about fringe or bleeding edge technology.

Or as I have done with this blog, you can combine it with other complimentary topics that you are interested in and other people are interested in.

In Conclusion….

Beyond the three tips I have given above, the biggest action you can take is just get started. Don’t spend three years trying to pick the perfect topic. Just pick something you are interested in, that isn’t uber-niche and put your own twist on it. The just get started!!

Once you have got your topic picked, then the next step is to find a name for your blog or site. Click on the link below to read part 2 of the series in which I give some guidelines that you should find useful.

Start Blogging Series Part 2 – How to pick a blog name?

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